On Sunday i was driving from my aunt's house with my sister and a nephew. when we got to MUBS, my 8 year old nephew read out loud from a Billboard "STAY AWAY FROM SUGAR DADDIES" then he asked my sister

NEP: What are sugar Daddies? Are they Daddies that eat alot of sugar?

SIS: No these are big men who like young girls.

NEP: So why are they call ed sugar Daddies? Does it mean that the girls have sugar in them and the Daddies suck it out of them?

SIS: Fell silent and no word came out of her mouth

I bet if it were only i and him i would say they are men who buy for girls sweets so they are called sugar daddies.

So tell me how would you answer that question...



There is nothing that pisses me off like someone who has no clue about something but they try to show you that they know and end up messing you…..

1. My friend lent me his Canon SD 600 digital camera to use during my trip. Now yesterday I got to office so that I can download the pictures and while I was at it one of my workmates asked to have a look at it and before I knew it he was forcing the zoom lens back. Of course this messed up the camera now the lens will not go back and it has been giving me a lens error. What do you do for such people who don’t want to ask how the lens retracts but instead end up breaking the camera. Now I have to spend $300 to buy a new one.

2. I have been wearing my red ribbon coz I plan on doing so this whole month and then some idiot comes up to me and he is like “ Why do you have to show everyone your status?” So I looked at this guy who is my senior and had no words for him. I don’t think I can make him understand what the ribbon represents for him he has set a stereotype.

3. I think everything goes wrong when I am present, yesterday I was in the finance department at work when suddenly the topic about AIDS came up. People were talking about the differences between Ebola and AIDS and then s thirty something woman stands up and says she can never touch, be close to someone who has AIDS. The whole office fell silent and then I asked her why she said that of course her explanation was vague something to do with possibility of getting the disease. Then one of her workmates was like what if it was you who had it, and she answered that it’s impossible for her to get it… Do we still have such people living amongst us, working in an organization that works closely with people living with AIDS and she still stigmatises people. I was so pissed off I just walked out without my cheque.

4. Then every morning i buy New vision for only one reason, the puzzles but the moment i get to work this workmate of mine gets the paper and does all the puzzles and to make matters worse he messes up my favourite (Sudoku) which makes me boil the whole day. And when i complain he laughs at me.

On another note I listened to a song that I think I like so so much… Not sure of it’s title but it must be “Shoes For Christmas” I want it please hook me up anyone…