This year has been a good one for me in so many ways and one of them is that i had all of you my fellow bloggers to keep me glued to my PC all year round. If i wronged anyone this is the time to say sorry let us leave the grudges behind and start afresh, to those i love it will stay the same, to those i have not met i sure will try next year. To those i owe money today is the day i am paying.....

I wish you all the best in the coming year and may the good Lord continue to be with us all....



I figured since everyone has them why not me... Okay here goes

1. I want to throw out Alcohol..

2. Going to start baking another bun but probably around September.

3. Finishing up that French course i started 5 years ago... (How dense can i be?)

4. Dee i want my chopsticks

Okay i sound silly up here but anyways i really want to throw out alcohol and study more, read more and have another baby in the process.



First there is this DJ on Sanyu FM who keeps saying a word that i believe does not exist in the queen's language. You know when they speed up the song and ask us the listeners to identify the song and artist?! he goes ahead and says "We have speeded it" isn't it supposed to be sped? Maybe it's my English that is wrong. But you can imagine this it the time kids are coming from school you will not blame them if they are asked the past tense of speed and they say SPEEDED.

What's with people and child sacrifice and what's with people and saying that these guys who are caught red-handed doing child sacrifice should not be put under firing squad? Just Imagine it's your child what would you want to do to the guy who killed him/her just to get 20million. And the Fathers killing their own children?!!!! Jesus! If he can kill his own child what makes you think that you the wife/girlfriend/bedfriend will not fall victim of this act of insanity.

Then Inzi forgives her husband and drops charges against him of domestic violence. What makes her think she will not end up like the MP's wife (Which is still circumstantial evidence) or that guy who hit his wife with a bottle and killed her because of a text message.

Christmas oh how i love the gifts................... This is what is on my list

Peace in this Nation

Everlasting love for friends and Family

and above all life for all of us...

Merry Christmas all and may God continue to bless us with this Life.



My Week Devotion


There is Love That came for us

Humbled to A sinners cross

You broke my shame and sinfulness

You rose again victorious


Faithfulness None can deny

Through the storm And through the fire

There is truth that sets me free

Jesus Christ who lives in me


You are stronger

You are stronger

Sin is broken

You have saved

me It is written

Christ is risen

Jesus You are Lord of all


No beginning And no end

You're my hope and my defense

You came to seek and save the lost

You paid it all upon the cross


Let Your Name be lifted higher

Be lifted higher Be lifted higher



This is what boredom does to me... Poor boy not interested at all but suffering all those flashes.

Aaaw my leg is going to be as big as mummy's

As you can see in this pic it's like as if he is saying "Okay Madame i have had enough"

Mummy is my foot really that big or did you zoom?

You woman you can't even let me play my favourite game Roll off the chair and fall down!

Okay mummy this is it i am going to tell Daddy Cheri



Today we remember all our friends, relatives and colleagues who have succumbed to this disease.

Today we pray for all our loved ones who are with us and are struggling with AIDS.

Today we hope that God protects us and our loved ones who have not contracted it from getting it.

Today we need to change our ways of living, we need to think about not only our lives but the lives of those who are affected in anyway if we acquire AIDS.

Today we need to Bring God closer to us to be able to live a fulfilling life that does not expose us to AIDS.

Today we need to touch a needy family that has been stripped off all it had because of this disease.

Today we hold hands and comfort a mother, a child, a father, a friend, a sister, a brother, a workmate, even an enemy who has seen the pain and suffering that this disease has brought to their hearts.

Today we shouldn't live in the dark we should get up together with our partners and get tested.

Today we do not give up, we stand and fight we are children of God and no Child of God loses in war or battle.

Today we Abstain, Be faithful, Use Condoms or put Christ first.



I was never so keen when it came to TV and the programs they have but when i was on leave i found myself becoming an addict these are some of the programs i enjoyed and why

Ellen Degeneres - Series - Who doesn't love this woman?! I swear she is the best talk show presenter ever. First i dance with her when the show starts, then she keeps me laughing coz she has a sense of humour which is very good for a 1hr show. Trust me you don't want to be watching some boring talk show that is all about money money and Doctors telling you how to live your life. How about making me laugh (Which Ellen does) and thus making me younger.

Peter Perfect - TSN okay this guy Peter Ishkhan is so good at making over people's business. This is not why i was watching his show though the real reason was that i like his accent, the way he dresses and Ishkhans is quite a funny name.

Isaac Mizrahi - TSN Also apart from his name Mizrahi being cool, he gave me tips on how to mix and match clothes. How to dress for certain occasions etc. This can however work only when you have the capacity to have all those clothes which i don't..

Paradise Hotel - Series - This one here i must say is more of a scheming game show people get pissed coz others are being sent home. i wonder why they forget that each one of them came solo and is on a mission to win. If i were in this show i would be glad that it ain't me who has been eliminated.

Randy Jackson's Best dance crew - Go - All i can say is boy o boy guys really know how to dance. And here i was thinking i could shake booty.

Moment of Truth - Series - Whoever came up with this game show is Nuts. The questions asked are home breaking. I actually think that most people who go on that show are looking for a way of separating from their partners and so end up there to reveal their darkest secret all in the name of trying to win some money.

others also included;
Tom and Jerry
Clean house
Celebrity Masterchef
Beauty and the Geek
Top Design

Oh and i can't forget the winner Boston Legal My God i just love this TV series.

In another news i really miss my kukuyu please get done with whatever business you have there and come back. Yesterday i was going through my old mail and then i landed on one of our Chat sessions i read it and burst out laughing, then i cried and laughed again. I can't handle long distance relationships Please get back soon or else we break up(not that i want to) but the aches i get for missing you are gonna kill me. Enough of the mushiness.....



You are forever in my life

You see me through the seasons

Cover me with Your hand

And lead me in Your righteousness

And I look to You

And I wait on You

I will sing to You,

LordA hymn of love

For Your faithfulness to me

I'm carried in everlasting arms

You'll never let me go

Through it all

Chains are broken i am a free person



The last quarter of this year has been harsh and rough for me. i don't know if God is putting me on a test but surely i am trying so hard to be like Job but it is not easy.

I wonder where all those days when i nevre knew what hard life was all about are.... i just wish all that happened then and i live in bliss now. You know when you are faced with difficulty in your life you end up passing on your stress to other people.

They say what you wear reflects the kind of mood you are in so i am trying so hard to wear all the bright colors in the world so that they can cover up for my gloominess(wonder if this word exists) and i guess i am doing a good job.

Every month that comes i just want to run through it so that i can get to another one just so the year can end and i see how 2009 will start. The only people that probably lighten up my day are the 2 men at least they are there for me i can always lean on them but ba,bi one can barely take 1/4 of my burdens but at least his smile is assuring



I like listening to gospel music and when you take out just a few lines from the songs you are just assured that things are okay like the ones below.

God above all the world in motion
God above all my hopes and fears
I don't care what the world throws at me now
It's gonna be alright

He knows my name, He knows my every thought
He sees each tear the falls and hears me when i call.

You said Ask and you will recieve Whatever you need
You said pray and i will hear from heaven and i will heal your land.



Yeah i have lived for 26 years












I am blessed because

He answers my prayers

He has given me a husband he chose for me

He has given me the gift of children.

He has given me a great family

He has given me wonderful friends

He has given me a job from which i can be able to afford an okay lifestyle

He has given me with Blogger where i get to meet people..

He has blessed you



I love the Big Brother Africa show but the people who are chosen to represent Uganda have something annoying about them except for Gaetano who was a bit laid back and cool.. Last year we had the disastrous Maureen and now this year we have that moving Dictionary Morris... God this guy uses words that are unnecessary. Ask Morris one question and his answer will be the whole Oxford Dictionary. There is something about him that makes me want to break my screen when Cameras are on him... If this post in anyway annoys someone Hey LIFE IS AN ENIGMA SO DEAL WITH IT.



These are true stories i thought i would share with my fellow country men....

Dear friends,
Be very careful with the people you meet in shopping malls
my experience was not good!! Read on please.
I always ignored the emails that do the rounds warning pple to watch out for unfortunate incidences.. .. well, here is my story:

I was shopping at a supermarket in ( Kampala town) and as i carried on, i lingered over some cute looking candles that seemed they'd look good in my house... little did i know that some dude was up to no good!

He was smartly dressed. He seemed interested in the same candles and was busy smelling one when he drew my attention to smell the same... and as he took a step towards me, holding out the candle for me to smell, while telling me how nice it smells etc... i was hit by a strong/pungent smell of alcohol! I stepped back immediately coz the last thing i needed was to deal with a drunkard! I asked him if he worked at the supermarket and he said yes.

I was very disgusted with that particular store if that's the caliber of attendants they work with! I immediately thought to confirm if the dude worked there and was told he is not an employee. By then, My heart started racing at a dangerous pace! I was prompted to pray quietly in my heart to God, to help me not loose consciousness and to keep me safe!

My knees were getting weaker and weaker and hands shaking and my head lighter and lighter. I tried to tell 3 other persons that 'that dude over there' is up to no good and they all gave me that stare like 'duh!' anyways, i got my phone out and called for help from my office as its just around the corner. All the while 'that dude' made sure i was always in sight... (i guess waiting for when the drug would take full effect and then he'd bounce on his helpless victim...) Help arrived in good time and i was taken to hospital. Luckily, i hadn't sniffed lethal quantities as i stepped back very very quickly!

So kindly be careful who you talk to even as you do your shopping ladies and probably gentlemen too.

You are probably asking what would such a dude do? He'd wait till you are strength wears out and you loose consciousness then he'd pretend you guys were together and he'd even hire a cab and take you to an unknown destination while robbing and God knows whatever else they would have in their filthy mind to do...

Today being Monday, withdrawal symptoms are still evident, what with an unexplainable headache and drowsiness and excessive fatigue etc.

A man came over and offered his services as a painter to a female putting gas in her car and left his card. She said no, but accepted his card out of kindness and got in the car. The man then got into a car driven by another gentleman. As the lady left the service station, she saw the men following her out of the station at the same time. Almost immediately, she started to feel dizzy and could not catch her breath. She tried to open the window and realized that the odor was on her hand; the same hand which accepted the card from the gentleman at the gas station.

She then noticed the men were immediately behind her and she felt she needed to do something at that moment. She drove into the first driveway and began to honk her horn repeatedly to ask for help. The men drove away but the lady still felt pretty bad for several minutes after she could finally catch her breath. Apparently there was a substance on the card that could have seriously injured her.

This drug is called 'BURUNDANGA 'and it is used by people who wish to
Incapacitate a victim in order to steal from or take advantage of them.
This drug is four times more dangerous than the date rape drug and is transferable on simple cards.
So take heed and make sure you don't accept cards at any given time alone or
From someone on the streets. This applies to those making house calls and slipping you a card when they offer their services.


A woman had gone with her three children for shopping at garden city.
After She was done with shopping they sat in one of the restaurants for eats.

As they were ordering her 10-year old son in P.4, said he wanted to go
for a short call first and he went. So they ordered and waited for him to
come back and make an order, the boy was not returning! They started eating
the boy was not returning. The mother felt uneasy and went to the loos to

She found the boy bent on the sink crying as he could not move even for
an inch!!! The mother got hold of the boy and tried to inquire what had
happened! The boy revealed he had found a "big" man in the loos, with a sharp
knife, put him on gunpoint and "sodomised" him. The boy was in terrible pain
and he was bleeding too much!

The woman made a lot of noise and the security people tried to check
but they could not find the wrong man as he had already taken off in a
white saloon car. That's all they could tell. Meanwhile, another woman by the
restaurant said she had seen a nice looking young man" kabody" leaving
the loos hurriedly...

It was too late... he was gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where is the law protecting our children? Why has the story not
appeared in any of the papers so that parents out there get to know of this inhuman
act!!!!! And why is garden city employing all those guards????

All these questions remain unanswered

My appeal to you; when you are in a public place, try to be cautious,
when a kid want to go for a short call escort him/her to the female side
whether he is big or not, or if you are in company of the dad, please let him
escort the kid!

Much as God protects us but we need to play our part.

This story touched me and imagine it could have been one of my sons and
I thought of sharing it with you especially the mothers!!!!!!! But share
it with fathers too since sometimes they go out with children alone!!



Yay i love weekends coz i get to chill with the little angel but this weekend it's going to be different. I have a kasiki today, bridal shower tomorrow, and introduction ceremony on sato too bad sweety will not be in my proggie but i hope his Daddy will fill in for me.

Anyone wants to baby sit? i swear he is adorable just holla



I am so disappointed in the pastors in this country Sodomy?!!!

I am so disappointed in the banks in this country. Stealing the .83shs i get as my salary

I am so disappointed in the so called politicians of this country. Thieves

I am so disappointed in 9Th Oct 2008 it should have been on a Friday.

My son is such a darling he has learnt how to sit now that has made him rebel going to bed. He will stay sitted on my laps, doze and wake up so that he does not have to be taken to bed... Don't we all love new experiences..


Forgive Forgive

It's been long, i have too much on my plate right now. The baby does not sleep through the night so we have that time when he wakes up (3:00am) and starts talking to me not considering the fact that i have to go to work the following morning (as if he knows) and then we sleep at 5:00am and before i know it its 6:30am and i have to get up and get ready for work. Leaving that aside i am looking for a new job and also selling houses will let you know about this soon.

God bless all of you



I said we would be 2 the next time i come back....

Grandma Carlo doing her thing



Wow this place still looks the see both LOVE and HATE are still co habiting here... Anyway i am trying to upload pics but that option is not showing don't know if its possible to cpoy and paste...



Don't think i can stay away for so long.... Didn't i say the next time i pop in we will be 2? Number 2 is taking time to get here keep waiting...........


20 DAYS!!!

It's been a busy month, that is why i have blogged less. I am going to take a 4 months leave starting Monday and when i get back, make space for 2 coz i ain't coming alone....



I was tagged by some people, i don't remember the rules and therefore i will not tag anyone but here goes my 6.....

1. I like counting, this does not mean that i loved Maths while in school i am just addicted to counting. I count the number of letters in a word, Phrase or Sentence, I count the number of squares in ceiling, the steps at work i am about to start counting the grains of sugar and rice i eat. Oh when my hair is plaited trust me i know the number of braids or con rows on my head....

2. I can't sleep without shaking my foot, at one point my husband has asked me if i am developing a fever but that is the only way i get soothed to sleep. I don't know how this works or when it stops once i drift off but i can't sleep unless my foot is in motion.

3. I think about death alot, i imagine how i will die and what people's reactions will be like, i think about how my loved ones will die and i am telling you this sends me into a fit of tears i cry for hours and then pray.

4. I am biologically Second born in a family of 3 and 3rd Born in the God given family of 4. We are all girls...... Let me post a picture....

5. I Hate, loath, Fear Cockroaches, oh God i can't even talk about it just know when i see one my life stops for like a second.... Ugly creature...

6. I have failed to eat Pork, not that i have bothered to try but every time i remember what it looks like before it turns into pork i just pass for another day

Enough said about me.....



Hey how is your week going? As you can see i got none to write about so really.... Nice week Oh and By the way my bosses are away Yippy



I don’t know what happened to last month’s salary, either I was given half the money I expected or the bank is cheating me. It definitely can’t be my fault that I have no money on my account when it’s just the 9th day of May the year of our Lord. Seriously my salary was posted to my account on the 24 and my first withdrawal was on the 26th. I know I have paid off bills and bills but that doesn’t justify my brokenness. Okay whining will not pay my Doctor this afternoon neither will it pay the lady coming to plait my hair over the weekend. Let me sketch for a small bank to rob. I wish I was a Jumper I would be in all those vaults…..

Akon is in town, so what? I have no ticket to go for his show, last weekend I was among the people who were cursing and calling him all kinds of names yet I knew I had no ticket. Now my girlfriends are calling me asking how we will hook up and my answer is I will get back to them after lunch. Now since I am going to see my doctor, I am going to come up with some story of my doctor telling me to stay away from big crowds coz they might bring my 6 closer and it could be dangerous…. Ha but now if they ask for my ticket what will I say?

There is this friend of mine who is always BROKE, I tell you when you confess something it becomes part of you. This girl works for a UN organisation just like I do, she has a better job and on a higher grade thus earning twice as much as I do. But this girl is always saying that she is broke, I told her to thank God for what she has coz some people don’t have even quarter of it. Surely God listens to our prayers but if instead of thanking him you are just complaining don’t you think he gets tired?

People have very bad habits, why would someone go use a toilet and come out without flushing? Do it in your own home but in a place like office? Really save us your poor upbringing. And it’s such people that end up not washing their hands and they come to your desk to borrow pens, staplers etc. People can be annoying.

Oh and they don’t stop there they also poke their noses and these same fingers that scratch the Brain through the nose are the ones that are used to open doors. Generally our environment is gross and dirty when you come to think of all those things, you just feel sick sick sick.

What is wrong with me…….

Sweet I am praying for you I hope it will be as minor as mine was but its good you discovered them. God is with you and he will see you through it. He did it for me and I am not any special….



Yeah this is where I am, a confusing place so to say. Imagine you have managed to get to 34 and now the 6 seem so far yet so near. You start imagining all sorts of eventualities. You believe in God and pray that at the end of it all glory is given to him and yet you still have fear. It’s not fear that God will not be there with you, it’s fear of the unknown and what brings about this fear? The fact that people who have been there can’t explain it; they always tell you to wait for your turn (that is if you will ever have the chance).

Now I have the chance, will I be able to tell what I saw there and not be like all those other people who say wait for your turn? I am sure I will try and explain so that I take the fear away from all those travelling on the same road.

I wonder why this road takes 40, I thought it was supposed to take 36 then I would be left with only 2 but since I have gone all the 34, 6 will not kill me.



Ha this guy has decided to Snob Uganda for his Vegas show? AKON no wonder



My sister has had a stalker for such a long time, you know how stalkers can be always calling her to go for lunch to which my sister always turned down.Monday came and she finally agreed to go with the guy for lunch the following day (things we do to get our stalkers off our backs)


The guy asks her where she would like to go and before she answered he was like aaah we will go to Handi (Indian Restaurant). My sis loves eating it's actually one of her main hobbies so she must have been so happy to be having a nice Indian meal at the beginning of the week. Time check 1:00pm she and her date head to Handi when they get there, they each order their food. Date eats all his food in record time and starts on my sister's food. Ha My sister was boiling from what i hear he ate all her rice and Chicken Tikka.... Knowing my sis this guy will never be erased from her black book.

My mum has given her money to take that same guy out, this time to a Chinese restaurant where they serve big portions of food. The deal here is for her to order food for 2, pay for it and then excuse herself and leave the guy to eat it all



Yey the boss is leaving today for a workshop in Jinja so i am free to do whaaa ever i wanna do but i surely will do some work...

The last weekend was not a good one, someone special called me to tell me she had got a miscarriage. This was such disheartening mews, i didn't know how to react to this. I said sorry but felt it was not enough. We talked for a couple of minutes about God's plans for us and how maybe the child was not meant to be born and this made me realise how lucky we all are to have life. We actually managed to stay in our mother's womb until the 9th month. Though some people come out a bit earlier like at 5, 6 or even 7 it is still God's grace that we make it. At least she understood that it was no fault of hers and she is doing well.


Have you ever wondered why people open up businesses and then come up with names that don't reflect what they do? I imagine if i see a sign post saying Caribbean dance then it should be that they are teaching some Caribbean dances in there but here in this big city i guess the names don't matter... They are actually very misleading and i will show you how...

I have some Muzungu friends who like eating cheese and since they came down, they have been looking for a place where they can buy good cheese (I wonder what good Cheese tastes like). Apparently all the cheese they have tried to eat here is not as good as the one in the US and A or German. So one Friday afternoon they land on a place called CHEESE BAR, and wow were they excited thinking that there must be a variety of cheese like a Salad Bar that has all kinds of salad they thought Cheese bar would be the same. Hmmm To their disappointment it's another hanging place with no cube of cheese not even pictures...

They had been out late and had taken alot of 45%Vol and as they passed the disappointing CHEESE BAR they saw a sign that read STEAK OUT. Oh who wouldn't want a nice pepper steak right before they go to bed? No one of course, and seeing that there were cars parked, they decided to pass by and have some steak... The loud music that welcomed them could have been enough for them to know that there is no steak but they braved on. They managed to get seats and asked for the food Menu to which the Waiter (Benji) narrated for them without a mention of steak.

I lived in Kabalagala for quite sometime and since it's busy suburb i decided to go and visit the supermarkets around. The eye catching one was PAYLESS and i found my way in smiling knowing that i was going to save some of mama's money. You should have seen the shock on my face when i came out with my wallet in negatives...

These are just a few but we have some more like;

Banana Boat - where you never find any boat made out of Banana leaves or anything that has to do with Bananas,

Crocodile restaurant - No crocodile meat is served on any day.

Billy Blues - Where they don't play any blues



Things i will never do....

1. Keep work until the next week....

I am dying here too much work and guess what my boss is going to be away the coming week. I hope i will not keep my for the coming week.



This week has been great not because i was or holiday or anything but the bosses are not in. And you know what they say when the cat is away the mice play. I have been the most playful mouse this week but come next week i will pay for the work i have deliberately postponed.

Now i remember writing about what kids say and the questions they ask, these never seem to end and each kid comes with a different question or says something outer of this world than the others. Here goes

MY Colleague's Four year old Son.

Looking at a picture of Mary and Jesus.

Son: Mum who is this woman?

Mum: that is the blessed Virgin Mary.

Son: And this baby here?

Mum: That is baby Jesus.

Son: Is he older than me?

Mum: Yes He is

Son: What school does he go to???????????

My six year old Nephew to his mum's guests while watching TV.

Nephew: Hmmm white girls are beautiful..

Guests: Even the black girls are beautiful.

Nephew: Yes i know they are but the white girls are just Different.

Guests: Why do you say they are different? Is it the colour?

Nephew: It's not that, i can't tell you if mummy hears me she will beat me but you look closely you will see.

Guests: No mummy is in the bedroom she will not hear you.

Nephew: You see the white girls are small but they have big private parts look at Babarita. Black girls are not like that... Poor guy that is when the mum walked in and kiboko was on the way







4. Still working on being the next President






















1. RICE (Can't live without it).

2. Anything goes as long as i have rice











PS. I am addicted to THIS



For some of you i don't think you need water dispensers at work....



Hey y'all i am bulging like an air balloon all my fav clothes don't fit me, i look like a balloon baby. Every morning am close to tears coz i have to wake at 5:00am to start looking for what to wear while hubby enjoys the last hours of sleep. I have tried to buy new clothes but in just a week they also join the others. This is frustrating and it is don't doing any justice to my wallet which already faces its own problems. Is there a problem free place i can go to?



Until last weekend i didn't know that while using the above subject you need to use either gear 1, 2 or 3 depending on how short or tall the other party is. While you are changing the gears you need to be shaking the belly and i don't mean the chest i mean only the lower part of your body as if Shakira. Can you do all this at once? Hmmm This Ssenga Talk



My posts get shorter everyday i have been thinking about certain things that are beyond me...

1. There is this chic i know who talks about everyone. She claims she knows people from all walks of life and that they are her friends. She will say anything about anyone without even thinking what repercussions it will cause. She knows everyone in my home district and always has a bad story about them. If she hears that you are dating someone she will come up and say she knows him and he has 2 other girlfriends and probably 7 kids. she will say the most disgusting things about that person and by the way will say the same about you. Her motive.............. Probably to see everyone sad.

2. There is this guy who was telling my mum how his Daughter made him pay 15,000 pounds to a university in the UK. Time came for her to go the father pushed her to the airport and because he didn't go through the VIP he left her out and bid her farewell reminding her how he is a peasant and she needs to study hard and get a good job so she can help with her not so bright siblings' school fees. Chic after seeing that Dad had disappeared she got a cab back to kla reason being she was pregnant and she wanted to stay with her boyfriend but didn't know how to tell the Dad. The dad was only told a few months after that the daughter was gallivanting in town with some guy and that she was pregnant. Imagine what this peasant father felt after selling his cows to get tuition for his daughter. Now the girl is asking for forgiveness from the dad he don't want to know.



A close someone is getting married in June and i happened to meet her over the weekend but she was so not sure if she wanted to get married. She doubted her Hubby to be and also was not ready for a commitment.She was supposed to get married early this year but she pushed it to June now she wants to push it to December. So She asked me for advise i told her i would get back to her so please people help.....



Col Gadaffi said the bible is a forgery..... i wonder what reaction i would have got if in my capacity as a president of some country had gone to a another country with it's population mostly Muslim, to celebrate Christmas and had said that the Koran is forged... Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm



1. The Viagra emails that fill up my inbox i am so so so fed up i am about to sue...

2. I love God so so much now those emails with phrases like " if you don't forward this email then you don't Love God" i loath i don't have to forward the email to show that i love God i just do with or without your emails...

3. Boda Boda riders sorry i upgraded so kindly stay at your stage don't come to me about to run me down asking me Sister Ogenda. As far as i can re call we don't have stout people in my family.

4. The Waiters and Waitresses at the Food Court (anybody with me on this), i know what i want to eat and i will call a particular waiter/waitress from the food counter i want . I have had enough with the shoving of menus in my face i am going to bitch slap someone one of these days.

5. Green Card, Lotto, smileys i don't want so please stop.... i don't want to leave in the US and A (BORAT style) and i am not interested in large sums of money what i have is enough (Is it?).

6. Do i have a six yes i do but now i have got a memory loss thing so i gotta stop here.....................



You wake up on a Monday morning and you have Tender, swollen breasts, tell you what it’s a sign you are about to get to the river flood so you rush to the shop to get the tampons or pads which ever you is comfortable. Because you spent half your morning looking around your neighborhood for the perfect size, you end up being late for work. Remember for the past 3 weeks you have been coming to work late because of different reasons from rain, to loss of wallet and your boss does not seem to understand. You had a deadline to meet this morning and you find him standing at your desk with an angry face. Before you explain, he gives you a memo and asks for his work. All this leads to Fatigue you ignore and keep working but then you start feeling that very familiar ache in your lower abdomen you rush to the bathroom only to find a slight bleeding which you deal with immediately by using the stuff you bought before you got to but the cramping will subside because you have taken your pain killers.
It’ coming to 7:00pm and you have barely eaten anything since you had to work on that report without breaks. As you head home, you pass by a cafĂ© and pick a mocha which you take on your way home. It takes you 2 hours to get home because of the jam and when you finally do, you head for the bathroom to freshen up and guess what the bleeding has kind of stopped. This is familiar so you ignore and head straight to bed.
The alarm goes off at 6:30am, you jump out of bed nothing is going to get into your way, you have to be in office on time so you rush through your preparations and are at work before 8:00am. You get Nausea but you ignore because you think it’s probably hunger from yesterday, then you order for some tea and samosas and before they settle into you stomach you are rushing to the bathroom to vomit. You start avoiding the Samosas (Food aversions) since they make you sick and start craving for ice cream because you saw a child fiddling with his cone at lunch break.
Your boss comes to you after lunch with some work to do and he asks you for feedback before the day ends, this work involves reading and by the time you are done you have the worst headache its like as if there is construction work going on. Then you decide to have too much starchy food without any fiber or fruit and before you know it you have Constipation. All this is too much to take in just a week so you start feeling like your life is falling apart and eventually you bring it out on people. You become bitter and shout at people, everyone at work starts avoiding you because of your Mood swings. You notice that people are avoiding you and you think its something you did, you start crying your eyes out to God asking him why he hates you this drains you and it results into Faintness and dizziness. You decide to relax and take some water and then go back to office and then you find some idiot has switched off the AC and so it causes Raised basal body temperature. You get up and switch on the AC and then go on to read blogs until you get to Cheri’s post you realize it’s not normal you probably got the Osmosis thing… But until you take the test all this can go on for weeks and you will still have this stupid theory I put up..



Ugandans got the chance to audition for IDOLS Africa but I doubt it will be as interesting as the American IDOLS. You want my reason why it will not be?

We have no match for Simon Cowell and his comments………

Simon Says…

"I'm really surprised that I actually agree with these two. What I loved about it, apart from the fact that you looked as if you got drunk halfway through the performance, is that ... you've really changed since last week."

"I thought it was horrendous, actually. It was a very brave but probably foolish thing to do, because that song just doesn't work in that style."

"That was a mess. It was just all over the place. At this point in the competition, I expect incredible performances and this wasn't. It was your weakest performance to date."

"David ... no, no no. I thought it was corny verging on desperate, to be honest with you. It was all a little but rabbit in the headlights."

Did you really believe you could become the American Idol? Well, then, you're deaf."

Nice weekend



Atleast one of my teachers took a pic


I guess my Title says it all i am in the north but God this place is hot. Don't have to pay for sauna here it's as if desert...

The weekend was Good went to Arirang Carlo taught me how to use chopsticks darling i tell you i am using them right now in Lira and i can see all haters looking at me... Dee was also helpful in the learning process... I intend to pay my school fees soon ladies....

Where did you end up?????



Ever since i deleted my old blog i seem to have gone into some kind of brain dead thing. i barely have stuff to write about or even complain about.... Let us see what i have.

I have been searching for templates endlessly on the net but have totally failed to use them i don't know why i am not on blogger beta this old thing is surely a major piss off. I have to fight so hard to get that ka tool bar which btw is not on as i write this and to make matters worse all the things i want to add on my page i can't because this old broom don't know how to sweep dem corners.... All my spelling mistakes can't be corrected because of this old broom Jesus i think i need to upgrade to something else i tried Wordpress but i must admit it's for pros i don't know how to use it... Shame shame now what do i do?

I miss home, i miss my bu little aunties, my little sister, my mum and all my peeps. Apparently when you get hitched you can't see them that much. Not that i want to be with them all the time, but just need to see them when i think about them. Meanwhile they seem to have moved on coz last Friday was like my day out so i sent my little aunt a text asking for proggie and this is how our conversation went...

BS: Some Plot

SA: Kyokka you girl are you for real? You are a mufumbo stay home and cook for your man.

BS: I am serious give me plot i know you are going to end up at Billy Blues so what’s up...

SA: Hmmm munange if we hang with you we will loose Market so find your people..

BS: (Not Happy at all) So what plans do you have for this evening?

SA: We are going to the movies then cinema

BS :( Thinking) that is proggie for bored Chics... Oh okay so i will see you at billy blues?

SA: Okay i hope you will be there.

Now how the hell was i going to be there from 9 to like 12 coz i know that is the time unmarried I want to be on Market mamas come to bars...

So i never appeared instead i went home only to find no power and just slept.

This weekend i have it all figured out, going to dinner with some friends then we head to the Mayfare Casino should be interesting. Saturday i will stay in Sunday is church and then that dreadful day will come and i go back to work..

Nice weekend all y'all



Oh i finally figured out how to get this tool bar on my post so here are some pics. I know they are old but nevertheless... Enjoy

Church was great

And the stray also attended

My Aunt and Mum

Okay i have over 1,500 Pictures and i can't post all of them here. But i hope these are enough...



Today I forgot my wedding band and engagement bling at home. Yeah I know some of you don't believe me you think I did it on purpose so I can seem unmarried but seriously I did forget. You see I take them off in the evening when I get home (Not that they fade) but I have to make dinner and I don't want them to smell garlic and onions. This morning I must have been too absent minded so I forgot them and only remembered them when I saw another woman wearing hers. I told my hubby that I had forgotten the rings and his only comment was hmmm talk about forgetting your marriage at home.... What is this supposed to mean?

In another chapter, this afternoon I entered an office at work and found all my colleagues in a heated argument so being the nosy one I decided to stick around o that I can get air of it and probably contribute. All in all the guys were saying that every married woman should give their HR at work their husbands’ account numbers so that their salaries go to their husbands. This will give the husbands total control over the finances in a home. Their argument was wives get salary and don’t contribute to the purchase of anything in the house and to add on that they ask from their husbands money to go to the salon or to buy clothes. This one guy in charge of our pay slips was actually asking us to give hi9m details of our husbands’ account numbers and email addresses so that he can post the money there and also send the slip by email. Now the argument the Women had was they are the ones who get shouted at at work and it would be unfair to give all their salary to the men as they enjoy it without knowing what it took to come up with that pay cheque.

Do you think this is Practical?

Play list

1. When God Made you
2. Solo El Amor
3. Everything about you



While i was on honeymoon me and Hubby decided to buy ourselves some high tech stuff since it was cheap where we were. After buying all our home equipment we decided to buy an ipod nano since our jobs require us to travel and therefore there might be need for some entertainment. Now this ipod is so disappointing before i start posing with it at work it just stopped working. The little thing can't play the music i have tried and tried to do all sorts of things to it but it has jammed... Guys anyone with such a problem kindly holla.....

And also that problem with blogger i need help am desperate



Okay for a month now i have been trying to upload pictures of the wedding but my tool bar conveniently disappeared. i have tried to ask my peeps on blogger who are well versed withthis technology but wapi. Anyho the wedding was basic but my dream wedding and now i am a month old in this institute.

So i got tagged by a couple of you..... Don't know where to start from but let us see what i can come up with.

1. I love God... I put him first in everything i do as you can see he comes first on this list. People have done things for me things that have changed my life but none compares to what the Lord almighty has done for me. can i get a halleluya in the house.. Anyway jokes aside. This Guy rocks he is my everything.

2.When it comes to money i am not good at keeping it especially if it is in an account that has ATM cards. you can ask my cousins and sisters as long as i have an ATM card, i am as good as being broke. This does not mean that i don't save i have opened up an account where i am only allowed to deposit and no withdrawals. so don't worry i have my future planned.

3. I never wear dresses, i just look like a cartoon in a dress first my legs are big (as if elephant)then i have some potbelly thing going on then i have mad hips and not to mention my butt that is all over so this kind of figure makes you unattractive in a dress, those ones are a no go area for me. maybe i will wear them when i am expectinga dn the stoamch is growing bigger...

4. I have only one guy friend!!!! No comment .....

5. I have sai this before i am not a sweet tooth yeah cake, chocolate, icecream are not my thing i am more interested in Meat meat and meat thought i don't also eat pig meat(what is it called again?)

6. I have a friend who got me into the casino business and somehow i can't stop thinking about it. Everytime i am alone and enjoying my quiet time, i hear the coins pouring out of those machines. Being a Godly person i shouldn't even be thinking about it but it keeps coming.God help me overcome that devil....



Okay I meant to begin this year with giving you a lot of Good news but I must say it has been quite hectic and every time I think of updating something comes up.

I was supposed to do a count down on this but now look at how much time I have wasted. So I will start today

10 Days to go

Yeah I have exactly 10 days to become someone’s wife………………. See I am so bad at news in two weeks my other name will not be (been waiting for the day that I will get rid of it).
Anyway getting married is one thing but preparing for a wedding is one hell of another. My God it is so crazy with all the running up and down I would never want to have another. You get people calling you at all times if it’s not a bout the cake it’s your dress or the maids and then the deco, blah blah blah. I just wish my bestie was here somehow she knows how to make a situation calm……

I chose a colour that is hard to find decoration for so if some of you come to my wedding and we have used balloons and toilet paper, please don’t laugh your turn is coming or not!

The venue was so damn expensive I wonder what I will feed my guests. I was thinking they would have caviar, lobster and all that rich food but with the down payment on the venue I uses we will settle for popcorn, g-nuts and water.

Anyway guys I am going crazy but at the same time I am so so excited for 3 reasons.
1. God loves me so much that he gave me the man I want to spend the rest of my life with and
2. That man chose me to be his wife and to be his for the rest of his life.
3. God has given us this life to share.

Okay about the preparations tomorrow. Until then God bless you all



Happy New year

Linda was the best person i ever knew, always baking cookies and bringing to office to share with everyone. She is the one person i knew who always had a smile on her face, never had a problem with anyone.

But today she gave up on this life, this life that lies to us and we get so comfortable yet anytime we are leaving.

Linda was not sick she was in good health, Last Thursday she came to office briefly and left for Jinja. All i know is she fell off a horse was rushed to IHK where they immediately put her in ICU. Sunday morning she was feeling better, she talked walked around but not for long because by afternoon she had gone into coma and before we knew it she was on life support.

Last night i went to hospital to see her, i have Faith and i kept on praying, i didn't want to cry coz then it would mean i have lost hope. She was there lying on her the bed, being supported by machines to breathe. I left hospital, i said a prayer for her, and one for her family and for the friends back at home and the ones she made here in Uganda.

This is a test from God i will not give up hope i know she is in a better place she has no pain anymore....

God Rest Her Soul in Peace.