Okay I meant to begin this year with giving you a lot of Good news but I must say it has been quite hectic and every time I think of updating something comes up.

I was supposed to do a count down on this but now look at how much time I have wasted. So I will start today

10 Days to go

Yeah I have exactly 10 days to become someone’s wife………………. See I am so bad at news in two weeks my other name will not be (been waiting for the day that I will get rid of it).
Anyway getting married is one thing but preparing for a wedding is one hell of another. My God it is so crazy with all the running up and down I would never want to have another. You get people calling you at all times if it’s not a bout the cake it’s your dress or the maids and then the deco, blah blah blah. I just wish my bestie was here somehow she knows how to make a situation calm……

I chose a colour that is hard to find decoration for so if some of you come to my wedding and we have used balloons and toilet paper, please don’t laugh your turn is coming or not!

The venue was so damn expensive I wonder what I will feed my guests. I was thinking they would have caviar, lobster and all that rich food but with the down payment on the venue I uses we will settle for popcorn, g-nuts and water.

Anyway guys I am going crazy but at the same time I am so so excited for 3 reasons.
1. God loves me so much that he gave me the man I want to spend the rest of my life with and
2. That man chose me to be his wife and to be his for the rest of his life.
3. God has given us this life to share.

Okay about the preparations tomorrow. Until then God bless you all



Happy New year

Linda was the best person i ever knew, always baking cookies and bringing to office to share with everyone. She is the one person i knew who always had a smile on her face, never had a problem with anyone.

But today she gave up on this life, this life that lies to us and we get so comfortable yet anytime we are leaving.

Linda was not sick she was in good health, Last Thursday she came to office briefly and left for Jinja. All i know is she fell off a horse was rushed to IHK where they immediately put her in ICU. Sunday morning she was feeling better, she talked walked around but not for long because by afternoon she had gone into coma and before we knew it she was on life support.

Last night i went to hospital to see her, i have Faith and i kept on praying, i didn't want to cry coz then it would mean i have lost hope. She was there lying on her the bed, being supported by machines to breathe. I left hospital, i said a prayer for her, and one for her family and for the friends back at home and the ones she made here in Uganda.

This is a test from God i will not give up hope i know she is in a better place she has no pain anymore....

God Rest Her Soul in Peace.