20 DAYS!!!

It's been a busy month, that is why i have blogged less. I am going to take a 4 months leave starting Monday and when i get back, make space for 2 coz i ain't coming alone....



I was tagged by some people, i don't remember the rules and therefore i will not tag anyone but here goes my 6.....

1. I like counting, this does not mean that i loved Maths while in school i am just addicted to counting. I count the number of letters in a word, Phrase or Sentence, I count the number of squares in ceiling, the steps at work i am about to start counting the grains of sugar and rice i eat. Oh when my hair is plaited trust me i know the number of braids or con rows on my head....

2. I can't sleep without shaking my foot, at one point my husband has asked me if i am developing a fever but that is the only way i get soothed to sleep. I don't know how this works or when it stops once i drift off but i can't sleep unless my foot is in motion.

3. I think about death alot, i imagine how i will die and what people's reactions will be like, i think about how my loved ones will die and i am telling you this sends me into a fit of tears i cry for hours and then pray.

4. I am biologically Second born in a family of 3 and 3rd Born in the God given family of 4. We are all girls...... Let me post a picture....

5. I Hate, loath, Fear Cockroaches, oh God i can't even talk about it just know when i see one my life stops for like a second.... Ugly creature...

6. I have failed to eat Pork, not that i have bothered to try but every time i remember what it looks like before it turns into pork i just pass for another day

Enough said about me.....



Hey how is your week going? As you can see i got none to write about so really.... Nice week Oh and By the way my bosses are away Yippy



I don’t know what happened to last month’s salary, either I was given half the money I expected or the bank is cheating me. It definitely can’t be my fault that I have no money on my account when it’s just the 9th day of May the year of our Lord. Seriously my salary was posted to my account on the 24 and my first withdrawal was on the 26th. I know I have paid off bills and bills but that doesn’t justify my brokenness. Okay whining will not pay my Doctor this afternoon neither will it pay the lady coming to plait my hair over the weekend. Let me sketch for a small bank to rob. I wish I was a Jumper I would be in all those vaults…..

Akon is in town, so what? I have no ticket to go for his show, last weekend I was among the people who were cursing and calling him all kinds of names yet I knew I had no ticket. Now my girlfriends are calling me asking how we will hook up and my answer is I will get back to them after lunch. Now since I am going to see my doctor, I am going to come up with some story of my doctor telling me to stay away from big crowds coz they might bring my 6 closer and it could be dangerous…. Ha but now if they ask for my ticket what will I say?

There is this friend of mine who is always BROKE, I tell you when you confess something it becomes part of you. This girl works for a UN organisation just like I do, she has a better job and on a higher grade thus earning twice as much as I do. But this girl is always saying that she is broke, I told her to thank God for what she has coz some people don’t have even quarter of it. Surely God listens to our prayers but if instead of thanking him you are just complaining don’t you think he gets tired?

People have very bad habits, why would someone go use a toilet and come out without flushing? Do it in your own home but in a place like office? Really save us your poor upbringing. And it’s such people that end up not washing their hands and they come to your desk to borrow pens, staplers etc. People can be annoying.

Oh and they don’t stop there they also poke their noses and these same fingers that scratch the Brain through the nose are the ones that are used to open doors. Generally our environment is gross and dirty when you come to think of all those things, you just feel sick sick sick.

What is wrong with me…….

Sweet I am praying for you I hope it will be as minor as mine was but its good you discovered them. God is with you and he will see you through it. He did it for me and I am not any special….



Yeah this is where I am, a confusing place so to say. Imagine you have managed to get to 34 and now the 6 seem so far yet so near. You start imagining all sorts of eventualities. You believe in God and pray that at the end of it all glory is given to him and yet you still have fear. It’s not fear that God will not be there with you, it’s fear of the unknown and what brings about this fear? The fact that people who have been there can’t explain it; they always tell you to wait for your turn (that is if you will ever have the chance).

Now I have the chance, will I be able to tell what I saw there and not be like all those other people who say wait for your turn? I am sure I will try and explain so that I take the fear away from all those travelling on the same road.

I wonder why this road takes 40, I thought it was supposed to take 36 then I would be left with only 2 but since I have gone all the 34, 6 will not kill me.



Ha this guy has decided to Snob Uganda for his Vegas show? AKON no wonder