I was never so keen when it came to TV and the programs they have but when i was on leave i found myself becoming an addict these are some of the programs i enjoyed and why

Ellen Degeneres - Series - Who doesn't love this woman?! I swear she is the best talk show presenter ever. First i dance with her when the show starts, then she keeps me laughing coz she has a sense of humour which is very good for a 1hr show. Trust me you don't want to be watching some boring talk show that is all about money money and Doctors telling you how to live your life. How about making me laugh (Which Ellen does) and thus making me younger.

Peter Perfect - TSN okay this guy Peter Ishkhan is so good at making over people's business. This is not why i was watching his show though the real reason was that i like his accent, the way he dresses and Ishkhans is quite a funny name.

Isaac Mizrahi - TSN Also apart from his name Mizrahi being cool, he gave me tips on how to mix and match clothes. How to dress for certain occasions etc. This can however work only when you have the capacity to have all those clothes which i don't..

Paradise Hotel - Series - This one here i must say is more of a scheming game show people get pissed coz others are being sent home. i wonder why they forget that each one of them came solo and is on a mission to win. If i were in this show i would be glad that it ain't me who has been eliminated.

Randy Jackson's Best dance crew - Go - All i can say is boy o boy guys really know how to dance. And here i was thinking i could shake booty.

Moment of Truth - Series - Whoever came up with this game show is Nuts. The questions asked are home breaking. I actually think that most people who go on that show are looking for a way of separating from their partners and so end up there to reveal their darkest secret all in the name of trying to win some money.

others also included;
Tom and Jerry
Clean house
Celebrity Masterchef
Beauty and the Geek
Top Design

Oh and i can't forget the winner Boston Legal My God i just love this TV series.

In another news i really miss my kukuyu please get done with whatever business you have there and come back. Yesterday i was going through my old mail and then i landed on one of our Chat sessions i read it and burst out laughing, then i cried and laughed again. I can't handle long distance relationships Please get back soon or else we break up(not that i want to) but the aches i get for missing you are gonna kill me. Enough of the mushiness.....



You are forever in my life

You see me through the seasons

Cover me with Your hand

And lead me in Your righteousness

And I look to You

And I wait on You

I will sing to You,

LordA hymn of love

For Your faithfulness to me

I'm carried in everlasting arms

You'll never let me go

Through it all

Chains are broken i am a free person



The last quarter of this year has been harsh and rough for me. i don't know if God is putting me on a test but surely i am trying so hard to be like Job but it is not easy.

I wonder where all those days when i nevre knew what hard life was all about are.... i just wish all that happened then and i live in bliss now. You know when you are faced with difficulty in your life you end up passing on your stress to other people.

They say what you wear reflects the kind of mood you are in so i am trying so hard to wear all the bright colors in the world so that they can cover up for my gloominess(wonder if this word exists) and i guess i am doing a good job.

Every month that comes i just want to run through it so that i can get to another one just so the year can end and i see how 2009 will start. The only people that probably lighten up my day are the 2 men at least they are there for me i can always lean on them but ba,bi one can barely take 1/4 of my burdens but at least his smile is assuring



I like listening to gospel music and when you take out just a few lines from the songs you are just assured that things are okay like the ones below.

God above all the world in motion
God above all my hopes and fears
I don't care what the world throws at me now
It's gonna be alright

He knows my name, He knows my every thought
He sees each tear the falls and hears me when i call.

You said Ask and you will recieve Whatever you need
You said pray and i will hear from heaven and i will heal your land.