This year has been a good one for me in so many ways and one of them is that i had all of you my fellow bloggers to keep me glued to my PC all year round. If i wronged anyone this is the time to say sorry let us leave the grudges behind and start afresh, to those i love it will stay the same, to those i have not met i sure will try next year. To those i owe money today is the day i am paying.....

I wish you all the best in the coming year and may the good Lord continue to be with us all....



I figured since everyone has them why not me... Okay here goes

1. I want to throw out Alcohol..

2. Going to start baking another bun but probably around September.

3. Finishing up that French course i started 5 years ago... (How dense can i be?)

4. Dee i want my chopsticks

Okay i sound silly up here but anyways i really want to throw out alcohol and study more, read more and have another baby in the process.



First there is this DJ on Sanyu FM who keeps saying a word that i believe does not exist in the queen's language. You know when they speed up the song and ask us the listeners to identify the song and artist?! he goes ahead and says "We have speeded it" isn't it supposed to be sped? Maybe it's my English that is wrong. But you can imagine this it the time kids are coming from school you will not blame them if they are asked the past tense of speed and they say SPEEDED.

What's with people and child sacrifice and what's with people and saying that these guys who are caught red-handed doing child sacrifice should not be put under firing squad? Just Imagine it's your child what would you want to do to the guy who killed him/her just to get 20million. And the Fathers killing their own children?!!!! Jesus! If he can kill his own child what makes you think that you the wife/girlfriend/bedfriend will not fall victim of this act of insanity.

Then Inzi forgives her husband and drops charges against him of domestic violence. What makes her think she will not end up like the MP's wife (Which is still circumstantial evidence) or that guy who hit his wife with a bottle and killed her because of a text message.

Christmas oh how i love the gifts................... This is what is on my list

Peace in this Nation

Everlasting love for friends and Family

and above all life for all of us...

Merry Christmas all and may God continue to bless us with this Life.



My Week Devotion


There is Love That came for us

Humbled to A sinners cross

You broke my shame and sinfulness

You rose again victorious


Faithfulness None can deny

Through the storm And through the fire

There is truth that sets me free

Jesus Christ who lives in me


You are stronger

You are stronger

Sin is broken

You have saved

me It is written

Christ is risen

Jesus You are Lord of all


No beginning And no end

You're my hope and my defense

You came to seek and save the lost

You paid it all upon the cross


Let Your Name be lifted higher

Be lifted higher Be lifted higher



This is what boredom does to me... Poor boy not interested at all but suffering all those flashes.

Aaaw my leg is going to be as big as mummy's

As you can see in this pic it's like as if he is saying "Okay Madame i have had enough"

Mummy is my foot really that big or did you zoom?

You woman you can't even let me play my favourite game Roll off the chair and fall down!

Okay mummy this is it i am going to tell Daddy Cheri



Today we remember all our friends, relatives and colleagues who have succumbed to this disease.

Today we pray for all our loved ones who are with us and are struggling with AIDS.

Today we hope that God protects us and our loved ones who have not contracted it from getting it.

Today we need to change our ways of living, we need to think about not only our lives but the lives of those who are affected in anyway if we acquire AIDS.

Today we need to Bring God closer to us to be able to live a fulfilling life that does not expose us to AIDS.

Today we need to touch a needy family that has been stripped off all it had because of this disease.

Today we hold hands and comfort a mother, a child, a father, a friend, a sister, a brother, a workmate, even an enemy who has seen the pain and suffering that this disease has brought to their hearts.

Today we shouldn't live in the dark we should get up together with our partners and get tested.

Today we do not give up, we stand and fight we are children of God and no Child of God loses in war or battle.

Today we Abstain, Be faithful, Use Condoms or put Christ first.