Guys i care you about please take note;

1. Obesity If any of you has watched Half Ton Dad then you will know what i am talking about. The diseases associated with obesity are deadly they are instant killers. Guys it is a crime not to take care of yourselves, why do you want to eat until you can't move from one place to another. I am not throwing stones at anyone coz i am overweight that is when i calculate my BMI and i know i am not supposed to be overweight so i am doing something about it. If you have seen some crazy chic jogging along the Accaia Avenue holding a blue gym bag, the crazy babe is i. If you live in Bugolobi flats and you happen to hear noise like that of a horse trotting that is me skipping. I have reduced on the amount of food i eat. I am taking Lemon Lemon and Lemon. In short i am doing something about my weight. It takes time, patience and endurance i am trying. It is hard but i can do it.
So i am begging you to do something about that extra gravy on your tummy, hips, butt, Cheri your legs are okay but the rest of you shape up those legs....
Anyone wants a jogging/walking partner holla 0ska1zz11 Yeah i am that serious

Diseases related to Obesity

- Type 2 (non-insulin dependent) diabetes
- Cardiovascular disease
- Stroke
- Hypertension
- hypothyroidism
- Dyslipidemia
- Hyperinsulinemia, insulin resistance, glucose intolerance
- Congestive heart failure
- Angina pectoris
- Cholecystitis
- Cholelithiasis
- Osteoarthritis
- Gout
- Fatty liver disease
- Sleep apnea and other respiratory problems
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
- Fertility complications
- Pregnancy complications
- Psychological disorders
- Uric acid nephrolithiasis (kidney stones)
- Stress urinary incontinence
- Cancer of the kidney, endometrium, breast, colon and rectum, esophagus, prostate and gall bladder
- Death


- Over 400,000 people die of obesity every year,

- Obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death,

- Over 47 million Men in America only and 46 million Women are obese.

- The number of obesse children is rising by the day.

If we have decided to eat fast foods only then we are going to contribute to the statistics.

I dont think we need this....



I wonder

why people who have the best and workable business ideas are the ones without money.

Why when you tell someone that a friend is getting married they ask you to whom (As if they know everyone )

Why i started wearing makeup

Why i am pretending to be writing sense yet not.



Why not me!



First: Psalms 5:3

Second: Work is getting tight

Third: I am a wedding planner/Consultant and this being my first wedding i am planning on proving that i can do the job. It's going to be heavenly...

Forth: Carlo we are believing God is in Control,Darlyne i want those chopsticks

Fifth: Lulu we have to meet this year.

Sixth: I have not been invited to any grad parties.

Seventh: Ryan crawls and he is very destructive....

It's funny that i am not hating this Monday. It must be a special one.

Good Day...



Okay today on radio (sanyu) the special people were all guys who have lazy girlfriends. The description of lazy girlfriends is; she comes over on Friday night and leaves on Sunday but during her stay when she wakes up in the morning she does not offer to make her boyfriend breakfast in the morning or even to wash dishes in case she found some dirty ones. There is food in the kitchen but because she is more focused on watching TV than cooking, she asks the boyfriend to go to town and buy fast food or if he lives in Bugolobi she asks him to call Yusuf or Jackson to deliver at the flat.

So anyway i was just wondering if someone wants to prove to their steady boyfriend that she is wife material why not get up and try to be busy. I personally love making breakfast you don't have to ask me for to make it for you, you find it ready.

I know much as we are supposed to clean up and cook don't expect your girlfriend (the one you are giving shit) to turn into your housemaid. If she offers to cook well and good if she does not maybe she is not in the mood. But then again if you are the type of girlfriend who does not want to touch anything style up... Just explain to me how do you sit and watch TV when the kitchen has dirty plates that the 2 of you used the previous night for the food you carried home?



1. My nanny woke up one morning and said she had found an office job so she wanted to leave. I let her be it seems like working for me gives people a good CV. Anyway i felt bed that she was leaving coz Ryan was so happy with her and i had started trusting her with him. I could even go out paka kesho paka chin (till the am) without having to worry. But God opened a door for her so i could not hold any bad feelings.

2. I got a nanny 2 days after No.1 had left, this girl told me she was coming from Toro, but she could speak kiswahili, Ateso, Luganda,Acholi and that other kasese language. My problem with her was not her linguist skills the thing is she used to get phone calls in the night from 9:00pm to 3:00am her phone would ring off the hook. Then i thought What the hell am i getting myself into? Is she for real? Her first night at work and she talks on phone till cocks? No she must be organising for a truck to come and carry away my stuff. This one i chucked the next day.

3. Likes watching TV, here i am giving her instructions on how to mix the formula and she is watching Thom Felicia.... Is she planning on redecorating my house or what? And then she don't make no effort to play with the little one no wonder he ends up scratching her. Anyway she is still around but........ to be continues