On Friday while i was on my way to see the dentist, i met this friend of mine and we started chatting. You know the not-so-close type all you can say is
Friend: How are you (before i reply) you are lost

BS: I am okay and i am not lost just too busy

Friend: Eeeh but you chic you have put on weight look at your hips and tush..

BS: ((thinking) bitch please you are starving you self) Oh really?

Friend: I heard that you got married oba you are pregnant, ha i can't believe you confused someone into marrying you. nga you used to be a stray party mammal.

BS:(okay there goes the judgmental people i hate) yeah i got married and i didn't confuse anyone he confused me and i am not pregnant but i have son

Friend: Nawe kale bakuyita mummy (Someone also calls you mum)

At this point i am thinking is this person even my friend? Why am i wasting time on silly conversation at the road side in this hot hot sun.....

Not Friend anymore: Where are you going?

BS: to a dentist.

Not Friend anymore: Which one

BS: Pan Dental.

Not Friend Anymore: Why don't you use my relative he is a dentist and does a good job

BS: yeah about that i was told that he likes anything in a skirt even if you dressed a dust bin in a skirt he would ask it out....

Then i realized i had gone over board, i started walking away avoiding the next questions, ha Not Friend Anymore was not letting me go without giving the full info and the women he has asked out. All i could say was you are lucky he is related to you otherwise you would also be victim i entered my car and drove off before she could open the back seat and go with me.

I am looking forward to tomorrow................BHH i should/must appear



This is how my week - end was with my doctors' appointments and all


The orthopedic surgeon didn't give us any bad news, my son's feet were correcting so he reffered us to Mulago to get him some funny bu shoes that have a ki metal in between.


I set off for mulago hospital, as i was in the queue waiting to be called in, there was this lady who had her child also waiting for the same Doctor. These 2 were sited next to me and Ryan on my laps, then this woman's ka girl starts picking on my son. The ka girl slaps Ryan the first time, i smile and tell her bad girl then she does it again hmmmmm just as her mum was turning to get her phone from the bag (Which was ringing) i turned and pinched her. Yey she started screaming ,i turned and looked away inside i was rejoicing silly girl picking on my son... Call me bad but what would you do if you saw some ka child beating on your precious peaceful one.

Friday i was not able to see the obs she was out of office but i managed to go for that root canal.... Hmmm all i can say is i have not eaten anything sensible i eat mush mush and mush

Saturday the ENT cancelled on me so i had more time to nurse my tooth it is still hurting....

Sunday i went to church, we did our praise and worship and all. After all the tithing and offering it was time to listen to the message and this time the preacher was recorded on DVD and we watched/listened to the sermon. As the preacher went on, i turned away from the screen and looked down, then the chic i was sited next to taps me and goes like;

Chic: Hey why aren't you attentive?
BS: What makes you think that i am not attentive?
Chic: You are not looking at the screen.
BS: (Anger could not describe what i was feeling these holier than thou people) You are not attentive either why are you monitoring what i am doing.
Chic: Hmm anyway you better listen because what he (The preacher) is saying concerns you. You did not offer you tithed and you did not put a crane in the bag...
BS: Okay this is it madam get the hell out of my business and stop prying on me.

I turned and looked away,

Yeah i watched Seven Pounds oh what a movie the only person i would give my heart would be Ryan other body parts can be shared between my hubby, family and Cheri....



This week is just funny is it possible for one to see 5 different Doctors in just a week?

Today i am seeing an orthopedic surgeon

Tomorrow there is seeing the Obstetrician and i am not yet pregge just doing normal female check up

Friday i have a Dentist’s Appointment which i am dreading and there after going to a GP for check up (Actually the GP is work related)

Come Saturday i have to see an ENT..

Now if all of them end up giving me drugs i am going to have some crazy cocktail......



Yey my sone has a tooth he he hehe and he is biting everyone that gets in his way...

Valentines day... When was it?

Was nice finally catching up with you.



Looking outside my window at work i saw these love birds.......



I remember those days in the 90s when i was in a boarding school (After we had moved from Ontario - Cheri Laugh away) the words i found being used;

Boy follow me - If you plaited a small part of your back hair, the other girls would torment you that you were trying to get boys' attention.

Deep Thinking - Whatever this word meant........ Anyway if a girl and a boy held hands and then you commented the ka girl would go "Why are you deep thinking us?"

Ask your nose between your mouth - This is wrong there is no nose between the mouth..


I am at that point in my life where i feel i need some answers............................



1.Yes i do remember that time when we went to Kireka, the Nordic ice saga?!!!!!

2. Yes i do remember the stag party and the Total Nakawa saga, and then Jackee telling us that our dirty tops didn't look dirty instead the dirt looked like a design and it was okay to ho to the club.

3. Yes i do remember block 6A6's knocks at 8:00am and then you would ask who is at the door and the answer would come............Aaaaawin and his drama!!!!!!!!!!!

4. Ooooh yes i do remember the "tooth echi" guy who would stalk us every weekend to take us to where ever we were going... I was just thinking about it last weekend. Maybe he was a cab guy and just wanted to take us for free.

5. Aaaah and uncle Bana taking us for a drink, don't you remember the time he asked us what we wanted to drink and when we said soda he assured us and told us we must get alcoholic drinks... And the dimes he would give us after.

6. Eeeeh what about the Casino? you mean you can't remember us leaving at cocks because we were not aware of the time since there are no clocks?

7. Hmmm those guys who told you to tell me to stop acting like i am the only beautiful creature that ever walked on this planet... Mbu that bitch is too proud

8. The Ninja ningo, Rubaga label

9. Storm oh Storm remember that time on new years how we had to get her into the house? and when her brother came to pick her how we had to pretende we were not drunk..

10. That corner in Fat boys where we would sit from 2:00pm till our morning lectures, the ki guy who bought us club beer at steak out yet we were chilling with johnie walker..........

11. Ha ha ha on your last birthday in Uganda some guy asked us what we wanted to drink and when we told him Jack Daniels he told the waitress bawe gilbeys gin nze ezo esente za JD sizirina (Give them Gilbeys Gin, i don't have that money for JD) Did you see his face when we used the Gilbeys as Champagne and it all poured on the floor.

12. Ha ha ha ha ha the TV chicken in our room?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Too much to put here.... Don't you miss home now?



On Friday i heard about Brenda being in hospital for the first time,
On Saturday a friend who had been in the same hospital gave me hope,
On Monday a friend wen to hospital and all she said was pray for her
Last night i prayed, i asked God to bring her back, i asked God to restore her health, i opened the bible i read Malachi 4:2 and i knew God was saying surely Bre will be okay.
This morning i woke up to the sound of a beep from my phone, i was cursing the person who could be sending me a message at an hour when i was supposed to be enjoying my last hour of sleep. the message read "Brenda has passed on to be with the lord".
I thought God had promised me through the scripture but i guess what he meant was he was going to heal her completely of the pain and suffering of this world.
Today i went to her workplace and there was a picture of her, smiling! I guess God wanted her to keep smiling that is why he took her.

Heaven has surely received a special angel...

At a time like this Brenda's life should be celebrated rejoice in the fond memories you have of her and glorify God for having had her as part of your life.