Have you ever wished you didn't know something about someone because you can't tell and it kills you? Well right now i am in that kind of situation. I can't even write the whole thing because i know someone will read it here and fingers will be pointed.... I am going to ask one of you to publish it on my behalf be cause i need your advise....

Nice week



I was tagged by Ug Girl and here are some honest stuff about me...

1. Sometimes i am a super bitch and the next day i am your supergirl ( not trying to copy the lyrics ) but truth be told i can bitch...

2. Like Ug Girl i am the black sheep or rather the purple sheep in my family. I am the only one in my family who drinks so you can imagine i drink for all my siblings.

3. My son and Husband are currently my every thing.. In fact they are my world

4. Yeah you must be thinking boooring but it's my page, while in high school people used to think that me and my bestfriend were lesbians. My hubby still asks me if something ever went down with her...

5. I am very impatient..........

6. My mum used to think that my best friend and i were in some kind of Mafia that is why whenever i took my little sister out ie her princess she would tell me to take her home immediately. This is what she would say " Take princess back home now i dont want her to be hanging with your mafia friends you spoil Best friend and not my princess.

7. i hate drama queens and it's worse if you encounter drama kings, hollywood dropouts and all those Paris hilton/ David Bekham Wannabes

I would go on but i was asked to say 7 only

Kati may the following do the same

Besti - Darling


For the past days i have had alot to share but i have been extremely busy then someone sent me an email about Susan Boyle.... Jesus this old woman Rock search for her on youtube.... She really left the crowd speechless after they booed her when she came on stage. Listening to her made me teary....

Okay now back to business

There is this friend of mine i got to know back in the day when all that mattered was my drink, Cheri, cutting class and my JD. This friend is very sick he was admitted last Monday and now he is in ICU in Mulago. I request you to put him in your prayers, he is a dear friend. I am killing myself for not keeping in touch that often. I want to go see him but he will not recognize neither will he hear what i have to tell him. I am praying to God that he pulls through, i need to tell him how much of a friend he is.


Almighty God in Heaven, I come to you asking for a breakthrough in Michael's health. You alone gives us the good health and you alone will restore Michael. Lord i ask you to touch him and bless him with your healing hands that he may recover from this pain and suffering that is brought on to us by disease. God protect him and keep him safe and may all the glory return to you


just by reading this prayer you have prayed for him.. God is faithful he will see him through this pain...


NOT SO GOOD!!!!!!!!

Did you know that the above ribbon exists? Do you know what it stands for? Anyway this morning on my way to work, i was listening to the news on Sanyu and they reported that 36 in every 100,000 women in Uganda have Cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer is malignant cancer of the cervical area. This type of cancer may not have symptoms until at a later stage. This cancer is the second most prevalent cancer among women yet not many of us are aware of its severity.

It is up to us to find out if we have the cancer cells which by the way every woman gets exposed to once they are sexually active. How can this be true? There is the HPV (human papillomavirus) that is transmitted sexually .

Cervical Cancer is nearly 100% preventable and this can be done if you take a pap smear and know your status. There is also vaccination against the HPV.


I got these from a gsk brochure

1.Approximately 500,000 new cases of cervical cancer occur each year world wide

2.Almost 80% of these cases occur in developing countries (This does not mean we should relax)

3. Approximately 274,000 deaths from cervical cancer occur each year worldwide

4. Worldwide one woman dies from Cervical cancer every 2 minutes

5. For every 2 women who die from breast cancer, 1 dies from cervical cancer worldwide

The statistics above are not merely numbers. They represent some one's wife,mother,sister, daughter or friends, often in their prime lives.

We need to get up and act now, if cervical cancer can be prevented then we must do so and here is how;

1. Get 5 or more friends, 5 relatives, 5 colleagues and 5 male friends' girlfriends and go for the pap smear. The last time i did mine it cost me only 50,000/= ugx

2. The 20 people you chose should choose other 20 people to take to for the smear and the cycle goes on and on.

Baz, Eddie,Carsozy,Rented,27th,jny,B2B,Robyn and all the other male species up in here tell the women in your life (Sisters, Aunties) about it. Remember it can be prevented.




Just when you think you are having a bad day and life is not going well something happens and then you realize there is nothing wrong with your life in fact you should be thankful you are alive.

So i am writing this to God

1. Asking him to Forgive me for being ungrateful to him

2. Thanking him for this life, for each breath i take

3. Thanking him for the beautiful and wonderful family and Marriage

4. Thanking him for my friends who despite my bad manners they still stand me.

5. Thanking him for this job i don't deserve this salary coz 3/4 of the month i am idle

6. Praying that he keeps my family safe and protects our children from the evil eyes around us...

Again i thank God for this life for each breath Thank you again

Have a blessed week



So this twat of a bank closed my account........Why ? because they wrote in the papers that we need to change our account Details.

1. i do not read newspapers i am not as privileged as there employees to have news papers at my disposal..

2. I updated my account at the beginning of this year and still they want more updates? What could have changed between Jan and March Oh let us see i have lost 5kgs is that what they want?

Anyway i am totally pissed off with this bank i have been very patient with their lousy system that is never on... i have mabanja i need to pay ASAP and i can't access my salary because my account it closed... These guys are joking i need me a lawyer...........