I am still trying to come around the truth that you left us. So many memories keep popping up and then i get to think maybe you are out there somewhere and you will be coming back.

i saw you around Feb or march and promised you lunch, now i am wishing i had taken you to lunch that day. what kills me is that i was too busy to come see you in hospital. I am a bad friend. Who gets too busy to go and check on a very sick friend?

when i met you in Feb/March you commented that i had thrown my old friends out. I did not throw you out life seemed to have gone way too fast too fast that yours came to an end

I will never forget those afternoons when we would sit at Al'zawadi and just chill, Me, you, Chantal. Kamu, Nadia and sometimes Lenny. Then chantal and i would get a call from our friends at school that there is a test and you would either drop us or give your car to Kamu to take us to school so that we don't miss out.

Then there were those night when Nadia and I wanted to beat up some chics for messing with you.

Your jokes My'kal, remember you would say "Give me some, i will not enter, oh shit i entered but i will not come, Aaah it's okay you will not get pregnant...

My'k you listened to my shity relationship talks about that outside countries boyfriend who used to stress me, you didn't rubbish it you listened and gave me advise. You were a true friend.

Most people who knew you have lost a jewel, you made us laugh, you taught us to dance and you were a good friend.

Good bye my dear My'kal i hope we will meet again and your death has taught me a lot.

We will miss you My'k.