Today I decided to skip lunch and go to town to run some errands so I decided to pass by Nando’s to get myself a hot dog, here I am standing by the counter counting the seconds while waiting for my hot dog, a guy approaches me and he goes

Guy: Hi how are you today (Extending his hand towards me for a handshake)

BS: (Reaching for Guy’s hand) I am fine thank you and yourself

Guy: I am very okay. You know I recognized you the moment you walked in.

BS: Really?

Guy: Yes from last Saturday at Effendy’s you are the girl that was wearing the very nice jeans….

BS: (thinking) Dude are you for real? Some silly pick up line?

Basically at this point I was wondering why guys go this far just to talk to a chic.

BS: I was not at Effendy’s on Saturday

Guy: Hmm was it your sister?

BS: My sister does not go out.

Guy: Then it was you. You were wearing dark Jeans I am not sure if they were blue or black but with a light Wash around the thigh area…..

I was thinking what kind of guy looks at your Jeans and can be able to describe them bulungi?

Guy: It was you they even had some bu metal like things around the back pocket. You were in a white top with blue or black patterns you know it was at night so I am not sure of the colour the patterns

By this time I was thinking these guys were taking long to give me my hot dog and besides the hoooot weather I was listening to some guy who takes every detail of what a woman wears.

BS: I was not at Effendy’s on Saturday. I was around Centenary park but not effendy’s….

Guy: Aaaaaahaaaaaaaa I knew I could not forget the person who was wearing those jeans, I saw you. It might not have been effendy’s but I did see you. Anyway see you around bye

What was the point of this conversation? Just to tell me that you can remember a normal person wearing normal jeans? Dude





The fat woman sited on the smallest Boda Boda i have ever seen and to make matters worse her rider is just as small as the Boda... I wonder if there is any kind of Balance Aaah no wonder they have failed to climb that hill and instead madam is on the ground cursing.

The Muhima boy who works at a certain supermarket who refused to pack my Tilapia simply because (nomwana wo’muntu) those who don’t click i am sorry.

The lady i work with who just told me to help her check her boobs and feel for any lumps. So here we are in the ladies and i am touching and touching but there is none. Then we imagine someone walking in on us.

The Shoes i wish i could have in my collection of course Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blanik ha and i can’t forget my newest favoritest Christian Louboutin.... Estee if you read this you will surely get me a pair....

The lady at work i just rode the lift with, Did she have to come squeezing in with me at the back? I go to the back of the lift because i want you to stay at the front close to the door. I sometimes think that the lift doors are planning to crush me that is why i always run in to the back.

The day i get to Cheat on Jack at 10 with Jamesons, at ll with Johnie at 12 with Glenn at 1 with Remy at 2 with Chivas at 3 with Martell and finally at 4 with Hennesey and guess what none of them takes me home............. All 8 guys lose out to Tata Baby

I am going crazy how do i think about all these guys at 3pm on a tuesday with almost 3/4 of my salary gone....



I am in love aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh wait a minute this time not with my husband or my child i mean those two it's assured i love them, but i am seriously in love with another. I know i took my vows and i meant them i am not leaving my husband for the other but what is wrong with sharing me... My husband surely can't be selfish he should let me be. I am a jealous lover i don't want anyone to come close to my husband and also no one should put their hands on my other.

The irony is without my husband i can be able to get my other lover, it is my husband who can convince my other lover that i am good. Yes i know i am good in all ways. My husband will love my new lover, he will show him off to his friends as his wife's lover. i know they will be great friends. As for my son he will grow up with both of them and it will be a good life.

This is my love i don't want anyone falling in love with him, so if you see him around please stay away



Hey this was intentional i was mourning my friend butnow i am back..

Breaking News

Ryan (my son) started walking.. Yiipeeeeee it's exciting seeing someone grow from a day to almost a year... He is making one on Saturday.

I was reading about Air France and i could not stop the tears from rolling down my cheeks. Thinking about the agony and pain the family members of the passengers are going through. the uncertainty of whether their loved ones are still alive or not.... Just thought it could have been me.

I am starting school in September but from what i remember i hate school, reading for an exam and doing the examination. But if i want to be the next My boss i need to have master, Misters and Mistresses.

There has been so much drama going on i don't even know where to start from..
June to August is going to be a time when i will be so busy i have 3 weddings coming up and i need to look my best so my basic plan is to starve my self do some kind of Bulimia bu things and i think i will be good to go....

Kale i gotta go my bride is back and we need to sort out a lot of stuff