I have exactly 45 days to have my second bundle of joy and thank God there is going to be a balance in the family. Apart from looking forward to the labor pains and also holding that little person there is nothing much about this whole experience.... First the 1st 5 months were hell for me i could not even stand someone saying food, later on eat it i was constantly nauseated by it. Just when i was recovering from that came the big tummy that feels like someone just pumped air in you. And now that i am getting closer to the D-day i have insomnia, heartburn, Swelling of feet blah blah blah blah.... Guys i am not complaining, it's quite an experience and good one to be precise but what happened to enjoying pregnancy. Do the white overrate it? I hear you will enjoy your pregnancy obijjawa? First all you do is worry about the baby, is she okay? does she have 10 fingers? is she growing well with no complications and the only way you get over it is by saying a prayer and asking God to always bless your tenant. Then comes the moods, one minute you are laughing with people the next you feel like you want to be alone... I have on several occasions snapped at Ryan (my other child) and poor boy does not know what is going on and all he does is look at me with this questioning eye.... Then you wake up and don't feel like going to work but damn you have to move your A*** to that job or else you will not have your insurance coverage when you give birth.... Aha i had forgotten about the crazy cravings, though these can be controlled you only pray that you don't crave cockroaches he he he he he he. And then there are these useless women constantly telling you how you have put on weight (like they don't see why). Either they are jealous of your situation or just want to put you down, the other day some woman blatantly told me "Eeeeeh you are so fat you better do something"... Chic has a stomach like a teletubbie but she is minding my business. And BTW that is her normal tummy so you can imagine (Do you guys realize the mood switch there)?. Oooh there are also these "I want to be you mother" women who have the time to tell you that while they were pregnant they never dressed like you (Fashionably) and therefore you should wear those Sack looking dresses for comfort... Excuse me there are maternity Pants, Skinny Jean etc i don't have to look like an Anthill with a sack around it because i am pregnant. Then there are those little girls whom i call "Can i touch" get your own priz.
This afternoon i was in the lift with some guy and he asked me Do you still have sex?

I think this is stigmatizing like i always tell people in my class when everything is pointed to pregnant women....

Anyway all in all i am glad that i am a woman and God has given me the chance to have this whole experience. Before i had a child i loved my mum but not to the way i do now that i have had my own.....