I hope all is well with you up in the heavenly Palace. I have heard that it is a very nice place and i sure do hope that when i come over you will show me around. Kati i don't want to sound like i am complaining but here goes.

1. Why do i feel the way i do right about now? Rejected, constantly looked down on, not cared for and so many other things. I know that everything happens for a reason and that there are lessons to learn from every experience. But does is have to hurt this much for me to learn? What is there to learn? This feeling (Having a gu mango) is not cool at all. I don't want to feel like this anymore. I want to be happy all the time, not worry about what is going to happen next, not worry about the next text message i receive, the next phone call. I need assurance God. If it's going to hurt let it come now instead of the stages.

2. Thank you lord for the gift of children i love them they are my everything, my world. I believe in you for that miracle that we once discussed in my prayer. Please don't read me wrong when i constantly pray about it, i am not trying to remind you. I am letting you know that i am waiting and your timing will be perfect.

3. The evil deeds in this country are becoming quite too much my Father, people are sacrificing the little ones to gods that are not going to do anything for them. Too much hate, envy, jealous eeeish this is sending so many people to witch doctors to harm those they feel that way for. Lord calm them show them your righteousness. Let no evil plans/traps come to pass. Protect your people and lead those astray back to your loving arms.

4. Thank you for the gift of love, but teach us lord how to love our children, spouses, colleagues, family members, friends, even those that don't wish us well. Lord people have taken on the vow to remain faithful to one another but they didn't live up to it. Please give them that love the one they had for each other when they were running to church to make it official, give them fulfillment in their marriages, families and homes.

5. Father we leave our homes to go to work and trust strangers to take care of our children. Lord i believe that you are watching over them that you will protect our children, give love and mercy to the people taking care of them so that our children are safe.

6. Oh i just want to thank you for the blessings, love and forgiveness of Sin!

Yours truly



That's what I am doing tomorrow! Yey me congs congs, okay excitment gone now back to whining. Must I buy a dress for grad? For all I know one wears that ugly black gown that covers not only this African woman's curves but also the cute dress you probably spent a liver on. So I ain't buying new dresses for grad and it's not a phd just a post grad diploma. Yeah kinda have to go through that before you get the masters. Hmmm and you pay for each separately people really know how to make money. Aha come on people no parties here, then what will happen once that phd comes through? Greedy no no no party (truth is no money for the party!). Did you guys know that the pound is now close to 4000 seriously are we ever going to afford anything. Besides that my bff is coming home soon with so many pounds can't wait to buy tv chicken and ofwono fanta! Nice weekend people.



Funny how this whole week I have been promising myself to post something here and never got to doing it. Can't even remember what I wanted to rant about. Let us start with lent, I was meant to fast this march but wapi I failed so when lent came I said to myself I should fast meat, alcohol and going out.I have since eaten two pieces of meat some fish fingers ad a piece of chicken. Who am I kiddin I can't fast some foods and eat others I would rather do it the Moslem way. Oh now I remember what I wanted to say. I have never eaten pork all my life and guess what last Saturday at a friend's house after one two or 7 whiskey I randomly picked up a piece and started chewing I must say it was a very good taste I don't want to get used to(yeah a moment on my lips). I have been trying to copy some bloggers like mbabazi and stylifiq to Dyi but the kids will not let me. One of these days I will just lock myself up in a room and try to be productive and creative. Gosh are we still in Uganda? This heat its like as if we are in Dubai or some desert place jeez! The mosquitoes are not helping the situation. It is becoming harder to have midnight activities the heat is just too much. Oh my silly car decided to retire at 2am last weekend while on my way home from progs and guess who found me stranded one of my husband's friends they must be having him for that surely he will understad and buy me new one. Staying in this weekend trying to avoid the fight with Apr9 he ehe he ehe fab weekend guys.