I love cooking!!!!!!!!!!!! For most people who know me or have been to my place, have seen different recipes hanging on the walls of my kitchen. And here below is a recipe that i would like to share with you.



- Whole Chicken cut into pieces (Preferably Non muganda/munyankole/acholi Chicken)
- Thyme
- Rosemary
- 4 tablespoons of vegetable cooking oil (For a healthier meal please use Olive oil and for a more fatty meal butter can do)
- 1 Clove of garlic
- 1 Onion
- 2 Tablespoons of Tomato paste
- 1 Tin of Slice Tomatoes (these should be peeled. If you don't want to spend on the tin of tomatoes, you can grate 4 ripe ones)
- Salt and Pepper to your taste.

Directions on how to cook

1. Wash the chicken and put it on paper towels to soak out the water
2. Put the oil/butter in the pan, add the chicken and fry it until it starts browning
3. Add the onions, when they are tender enough, add the garlic and let it fry for 1 minute
4. Add Rosemary and Thyme to your taste let it cook for at least 3 minutes
5. Add the Sliced Tomatoes Stir for 5 minutes.
6. Add the tomato paste and continue to stir for 5 minutes
7. Add salt and pepper to taste

For those of you who have working ovens, place a lid on the pan and place it in the oven at 180

For those without Oven, leave it on the burner for as long as you want to simmer (PS please leave little heat to avoid burning)

This can be served with Steamed rice, Boiled potatoes btw anything can do.

For those of you that will try it out Please let me know how it went and if you liked what it tastes like. Also please note that i have not added in water so don't do so.
All the above ingredients can be got from your nearest supermarket at affordable prices.

Enjoy the cooking i will be back with some more Food and Drinks