They say it's the little things that matter in a relationship and i really wonder what defines little in this case for my friend Delicate Stems a trip to Cabo San Lucas might be the little thing while for The student a shopping spree to milan might be that little thing. You see all these are not little in my case, mine might be sitting in the car and holding hands for 3 hours (Do people still do that? Have they ever done that anyway?). So when someone says it is those little things that matter what do they mean? Little in whose eyes? is it in the one that is doing them or the one they are doing for? I once overheard a conversation between two women where one was complaining about the husband not taking her to dinner on valentines but instead cooked at home and set up their sitting room as a restaurant and served her the whole evening. Her friend then told her it would have been perfect for her instead of the boat cruise her and her hubby went for.... I thought these women should trade lives!!!!!!!!!!!
So now that the little things matter does that mean that the big ones don't?
In my case little or big it doesn't matter, if someone comes out of their way to do the big things why dwell on wanting the little ones? Does it matter anyway if they are big or little? The thought is what counts and the fact that someone thought of you and did even the smallest thing like calling to check on you we should be grateful.

Lesson for today every thought counts no matter how big/little the gesture might be we should be thankful....