My child my

6th June 2008 I held you in my arms and you were the perfect fit because you did not fall out and neither were you too small. You were just the perfect fit. Growing up you were an intelligent young man one who learnt something and never forgot it. You achieved all your milestones on time. Like I said you were the perfect fit. You woke up one morning you called Daddy, you said juice, you called kaka it was absolutely amazing. Then I knew the next day you would say mummy......
Each day as you grew you showed us how intelligent you are. Your resilience to learn new things however hard they are supercedes anything I have ever seen. You don't forget anything you have learnt, placese you been to or even a particular interest you took on in a certain place. You are that perfect.
Everyday I contradict myself, you ask how so and this is how. One minute I Ask God why me the next minute I thank him for you.  You being in my life has taught me a lot. I am a mind reader, I can tell you are sick by just looking at you, I know when you are hungry or when you hate the food you have just been given. I know when you just want us to chill and look into space or when you want to jump around and be naughty. I know all this because you taught me how to pay attention to you. Sometimes I don't understand you which upsets both of us but we some how get through it. Those people that glare at you when you are not in the mood they dont know you, they dont get you. But I get you, your sister gets you, your dad gets you even more than any of us. So those people will learn one day but it will be too late to come back to you and learn something from you because we will have moved on. Autism is just autism, I can never
Really give you the answers or even try to decipher something as complex as that but you should know it's not something we are worried about because we have each other. You I must say you are the rock star here. Much as we try to make sure you have everything to get you off the spectrum it's you doing all the work really and you are doing a great job. It's your persistence to want to know, learn new things, discover new ways of doing things that pushes us to do more for you. All I am trying to say son is you are special in your own way. We are lucky to have you and you chose right you couldn't have chosen any better parents. Shalom my son shalom